I Tried [Closed]

Well I tried Comodo for about a week and everything was ok. My screen savers will not start on there own even after beign learned. Then I cleared out my pending files and I was use to that. Then I updated Steam and TF2. I also updated WOW. After all that I had 800 pending files. Whats that all about. I dont need to babysit a firewall. Back to Online Armor till this pending file things is fixed or gone.


There are two aspects to the Pending Files list. One is to submit the unknown files to Comodo so that they can be analyzed in their labs, digitally-encrypted signatures created and added to the built-in Safelist so that you won’t have to manually create rules or respond to popups in the future. This helps you and all other users.

The second depends on the Defense + Security Setting/Level. If I recall correctly (not on a Windows machine at the moment), Clean PC mode (which a default installation of v3 will give you) considers all exe’s on the system as safe (regardless of built-in safelist); any new applications (thus in the Pending list) are NOT considered as safe until you instruct it to do so (such as by moving/adding the file to My Safe Files list).

As far as the screensaver issue, I believe NTTW has responded to you with a suggestion that may help resolve the issue. Addin screensaver apps typically require a lot of permissions to do what they do.

Hope that helps,


I did what NTTW said and no go. I have Comodo in the mode it installs in. D+ in clean mode and the firewall in Safe mode. Going through 800 pending files isnt my job actually I believe. I have used alot of firewalls and never had a pending file tab. Comodo 2.4 I loved. When are you gonna fix the pedning file thing? I read in another post you are addressing it.

Not meaning to be disrespectful, but if it’s not your job to know about your files on your PC, then whose job is it? :wink:

I agree that ti can be a pain to go through the pending files, but it exists for a very good reason - if the files are OK, you can add them to your personal Safe Files list, adn you won’t get any further pop-ups about them.

The method I use is to

  1. Select All in the list
  2. Click Lookup (to check against Comodo’s application DB)
  3. As a result of step 2, unknown files can be submitted to Comodo for analysis
  4. As a result of step 2, known files are added to your Safe List

Using the above method, approx. 200 files can be processed in about 5 minutes on a reasonably fast ADSL connection.

Hopefully, Comodo will come up with an even easier method in teh near future.

Ewen :slight_smile:

I know my I built it. 5 min for 200 files. So thats about 20 mins for 800 files. I have better things to do then that.

Two more things, purge your pending files, many of it actually doesn’t exist anymore, some of them are remains of installations or temp files or something else which is already deleted.

Second, if some of your files have digital certificate you can add it manually to “your trusted software vendors” (on defense+ tab), that will drastically decrease amount of CPF prompts, and by all means use from set of rules (file groups) if some executables are persistent in need to: (for instance) “run executables”, “write protected files” or similar, I don’t have any prompts anymore, and have tons of appz…

You can even create your own (tighter) rules (groups in my protected files) for files which “doesn’t fit” in already created (by Comodo) rules and permissions, configurability is trade mark of CPF.

Thank you Comodo for great and free software :slight_smile:

Guess you didn’t read what I wrote properly. I know how to use Comodo and was fine with pending files and all. I had no pending files but after updating Steam and WOW I had 800 pending files. Thats a little too much.

I realize it’s probably too late now, but did you try adding your screensaver as a child of winlogon.exe?

I do agree that the pending files needs some work, (auto-purge every x minutes for a start) and I stopped using cp3 myself, although that was more due to the insufferable interface than the pending files annoyance.
As for pending files, I kept on finding Avira dll’s in it, and was never able to add them to the safe list. I started just going to purge, then select all > remove. As you say, life’s too short.

screen saver problem fixed…I installed Online Armor. Sorry.

Sounds like a fix… :wink: In the end, you have to use software you’re comfortable with, whether it’s due to a pending file feature or an undesirable interface.

I’ll go ahead and close the thread. If you need it reopened, just PM a Moderator (please include a link back here) and we’ll be glad to do so.