I thought comodo was suppose to be last thing to load up

:THNK this is interesting to say the least my comodo loads fine lol but it is no longer last. seams my web cam software loads up after comodo. is this going to be a problem lol i would not think so but figured i would post on it.

Is there any conflicts?
Is there any Defect in boot time performance?
Is There a Error that shows up?

if you answer yes to any of these questions… then i would assume it’s not a problem but just a simple registry modification…

is there any problem or it’s just amussing thing that you noticed


Comodo Always Load First On All My Machines…
(CFP/wDefense, CAVS 2, Comodo Back Up, CSE, CRC, CVA, CBC, CMF)
and then all my regular apps…


The core protection components of CFP are loaded and initialised LONG before we even see the desktop. The system tray icon is just how we interact with the firewall - it’s not the firewall itself.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Is there any conflicts? not that i can see
Is there any Defect in boot time performance? not that i have notest
Is There a Error that shows up?nope none all looks ok

just something that i saw after the reinstall of comodo lol it use to load last now dosent lol :BNC

oh ok Ewen so i suspect i won’t see any problems lol that’s good info to know


That interests me, because I have always been worried that CFP appeared to load really late. So it’s comforting to know that the real work is being done far eariler.

Thank you