I thought a multi-domain cert was for me but cannot fine the right config

I am purchasing a multi domain cert but now think I have made a mistake and cannot configure the server to use it.

What I have is one physical box behind a NAT dsl router. One NIC. This one nic has additional alias’ to it., and So I get ping requests answered on each ip address.

I have three virtual hosts configured at present as name based virtual hosts because I cannot find the right config to ip based virtual hosts.

When the http request hits the dsl router on the external ip and port 80 for any domain name it NAT translates the request to and therefore the other two domains never get a request sent to it.

How is apache configured to answer on when the request only arrives on Or is that the premise behind aliasing? The server will answer on any of the ip addresses as long as the request hits the nic?

Did I make a mistake purchasing this cert or is it just a matter of getting the httpd.conf configured correctly?


Multi-Domain SSL certificates (MDC’s) allow enterprises and web hosts to secure multiple websites by including up to 100 domains within a single certificate.

The only method to provide the security and assurance of SSL in a shared hosting environment without the risk of name mismatch.

Combine all of your web sites onto one single IP address and configre it properly in httpd.conf

you can fine-tune the configuration of the virtual hosts by placing other directives inside the containers.

You bought the correct certificate. Install the certificate properly on your webserver.

Follow the instruction from the link for installation below.