I Think These Programs SUCK!

No offense, but I couldn’t get the anti-virus to install correctly no matter what I did, and now I am still having problems getting your programs OFF my machine. No matter what I do, whether I delete it by installer or by hand it comes BACK. I’ve killed any registry links. I’ve deleted the folder manually and NADA. You folks need to make a solution for this one NOW.

Sorry, I know I sound cranky, but it’s looking a LOT like I am going to have to reformat to get this ■■■■ off my machine and I am NOT happy about that.

GRRR…about covers it…

But I tell you what?

If I succeed in EVER getting it OFF?

I am NEVER going near anything you make ever again, period…


Sorry you had so much trouble with the product. Can we help you at all? I noticed that this is your first post, so obviously you must not have seeked help for you troubles.
Please let us help you and if we have bugs that caused this, we can learn and improve the product for you and for everyone else as well.


It would be a really good idea if the installer forced a system restore point to be taken before starting the install. Then people would have an alternative way to recover the situation if there is a ■■■■■-up.

Restore points are fine as long as you are removing the last item installed. Better to fix the uninstaller (if the problem actually exists).

Ive uninstalled and re-installed this on several occasions. Never had one issue. Maybe I was lucky but I dont think so.

Obviously you should try to fix the installer. The trouble is that I’m sure Comodo’s programmers didn’t know it was broken until people reported problems. A restore point would have provided another way to recover. Computer-savvy people would do this manually before installing any software, but most people don’t think to do this.

Windows is a nightmare for developers. The combinations of software and hardware people can have mean that every user’s system is different. It’s unrealistic to expect software developers to create products that will work 100% of the time. Even Microsoft can’t do it. I’ve come across several systems that have been ■■■■■■■ by installing the IE7 or Office 2007 betas, that aren’t fixed by uninstalling.

What people should really do, of course, is take backups!

Much like it would be obvious Microsoft should actually fix issues rather than allow a multi-billion dollar industry evolve solely to accomodate defective products.

What people should really do, of course, is take backups!

Yes. Though it does not happen often enough in practice.

Well, we now have a new installer and is availabe with the beta we launched (details in the beta section of this forum). (I would like to re-iterate that the installation problems was caused by Installshield a third party provider of installation software that we used. we now got rid off it)

I agree backup is so very important, hence we also offer free backup.


Probably some system drivers was still active in the registry. Have you checked for that as well? (CLY)