I think my firewall is broken

I have Win8.1ProWMC and CIS 6.3.294583.2937, Windows Firewall disabled.

I tried to open a port and canyouseeme.org only reported it open when I shut down Firewall. That means my router forwarded it properly, but CIS blocked it.

I added the server application to trusted files, I made new Global Rules to open the port in question, but it didn’t work.

Trawling the forums gave me a suggestion to make a new application rule for the application “windows operating system”, or PID 0. This did the trick, and my server is ok(-ish) now.

However right now the CIS Advanced Home view shows zero connections in the Firewall module. This can’t be right, there are lots of connections according to KillSwitch.

Edited to add:
Also my “Stealth ports” is made to notify of connection alerts, but I don’t get any notifications. Notifications are also turned on in advanced firewall settings.

Adding the file to Trusted Files will not do the trick. You will a default Outgoing Only policy which won’t allow or by default alert for incoming traffic.

The easiest way is to give the server program the Allowed Application policy or build a custom rule. You can remove the rule for WOS.