I think I am infected with something

My laptop has been kind of buggy lately, it has been running slower and the internet acts up on me. I keep up with the standard computer maintenance of Disk Cleanup, Defrag and all that, but it is still running slower.

But that is not the main issue, the real problem is most of the time when I do a google/yahoo search, and I click on a result, it will re-direct me to this page:

. The zomganime part of it was the search I did.
Is there a virus/spyware that will do this? And if so, is it removable?


Dear ROH,

please follow this guide and post back the hijackthis log


Good luck and please keep me posted.

Yours sincerely,

I would say you might have a rootkit, but it could be a ton of things. What have you used to scan for malware? I would recommend in addition to comodo AV, use malwarebytes and superantispyware. Use those and get back to us.