I think Comodo Screwed Up My Computer - Please Help

      I am using Comodo Internet Security.      I think it has ■■■■■■■ up the DNS on my computer, even though I was very careful not to select changing my DNS to Comodo's DNS servers when I installed the software.      I been on Verizon as my ISP for over 10 years, and I am autistic and usually spend every waking minute on the internet.    I noticed no internet outages for 10 years, then after installing Comodo Internet Security then suddenly I am noticing internet outages where the internet connection itself is still working but whatever DNS servers are connected to my machine have gone down.    Usually within 15 to 20 minutes the DNS servers come back up again, but this is not acceptable.    I do not want these interruptions in my internet usage due to the DNS servers going down, during maintenance or whatever else is going on.    I never had any problem using Verizon DNS servers and there was NO downtime in 10 years, not even 15 minutes.    Or if there was downtime, it was so rare, that I forgot about it.    The downtime in the DNS servers that are currently connected to my computer is happening so often now that it is really frustrating me, so I want it fixed.

     Can someone explain to me, how to check my current DNS servers and then set them back to Verizon.    I do NOT want to uninstall Comodo Internet Security, because I want to have a good security suite on my computer, but I want to fix this DNS server outages.

EDIT: I just wanted to provide an update. I was able to find on google how to check your DNS server configuration. It was set to get DNS servers automatically, so they were set to Verizon. I’m not sure if Comodo was re-routing every DNS command to the Comodo DNS servers, but it seems unlikely unless someone can confirm that is what it does, so it looks like Comodo is NOT at fault for the DNS outages. I will try to test some more to figure it out better, but right now I changed my DNS servers to some free but extremely reliable DNS servers that I found in a list on the internet. I will see if my internet connection (dns servers) keeps going down after this change.

Are you using a browser by Comodo? Does your ISP DNS show if you go to ipleak.net and check under DNS?

        I figured a few more things out since I last posted.

        I am not using a browser by Comodo.   I use chrome and firefox as my browsers, and alternate between them.   I thought Comodo was to blame for the problem because I never had any problems with Verizon's DNS for over 10 years, and then it just started happening after I installed Comodo a couple months ago.  Also the fact that Comodo asked me to change to it's DNS servers when I installed it, made me suspicious.    But I am now 100% sure that Comodo has nothing to do with the problem I am having with the DNS.   

       I forgot about ipleak.net, but I was able to confirm that I was still on Verizon DNS servers by typing something like www.ajsdjladjkldajlk.com in my web browser.   When I type that in my web browser, Verizon's DNS servers will redirect me to a Verizon web page that the address was not found.    After changing my DNS servers to some free ones, as I mentioned in my edit on the last post, it no longer redirects me to a Verizon web page when I type an address like  www.ajsdjladjkldajlk.com in my web browser.   So I know the new DNS servers are working now.   I hope the new DNS servers I chose are good ones and will stay up 24/7, something that apparently Verizon DNS servers can't do anymore.

     Thanks for responding to my post, and thanks for mentioning ipleak.net, I wanted to find that site again  (going to bookmark it this time, so I don't lose the address again).