I suggest CAVS to support Windows 98, ME

I suggest CAVS to support Windows 98, ME
I have a lot of PC using them. I need it urgently.
I think many people like me think so.

Unfortunately, CAVS will not support the 16 bit windows platform (Win 9X and ME). The current version (CAVS 2 Beta) will only run on a 32 bit platform (2000 and XP) and future version are planned only for 32 bit and 64 bit platforms.

Ewen :slight_smile:

“I suggest CAVS to support Windows 98, ME”

I do not agree. I used to take care of about a hundred 98’s. I still have a couple left–the rest have been replaced by XP’s. I do not long for “the good old days.” XP is anything but perfect, but it is such a vast improvement that it is not possible to think about what it used to be like. My time spent fixing computers has been halved (or more). XP’s do so much more, and better. It is hard to find any software that still works with 98. Time to bite the bullet and advance with the rest of the world.

EDIT: MicroSoft (the creator) won’t even support it anymore.

I’ve asked a few times in different threads but have yet to get a definitive answer if CAVS 3 final will support Win2K. ???

Currently running CFP 2.4 and BOClean 4.25 with Avast 4.7 Home edition on Windows 2000 Professional SP4, P4 2.4GHz. 1GB RAM.

I wish somebody would make a yes or no statement so I can know whether to keep my hopes up :SMLR or be prepared to have them dashed (:SAD) .