I seem to be losing my internet connection when working offline or in e-mail.

I’m not overly computer or forum savvy and hope someone directs me to the appropriate place to discuss this concern (without actually telling me “where to go, rudely” (:LGH)) if I’m not in the proper place. Here’s my situation: Since removing my other firewall and installing Comodo fire wall pro, I’ve noticed that any time I walk away from my computer, work off line or work in e-mail and then try to go back to an open internet page, I get a pop-up titled “work offline” … it says: “No connection to the internet is currently available. To view Internet content that has been saved on your computer, click Work Offline. Click Try again to attempt to connect.” When I click “try again”, I am instantly directed to a fresh start page. Getting right back is not a problem, but is frustrating at times, when I can’t afford to lose my connection. Is there a setting within the fire wall that is causing my connection to be dropped and if so, how can I change it back so that I’m only off of the internet when I actually close my browser? Any comments or help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Which OS and version of CFP3 are you using? What type of internet connection do you have? (PPPOE ?) Is it configured with a “keep-alive”? Are you using a router?Does anything show up as blocked in your firewall log?

I’m running XP and the Comodo Firewall Pro is version

My internet connection is cable and my computer sits next to and is plugged into a Belkin router. I’ve not changed this since dropping my previous firewall and installing Comodo. I am assuming that it was configured with a “keep alive”, but I don’t know if that changed from one firewall to the next. I checked my log and the Network Monitor appeared to have reported a medium risk … described as “InBound Policy Violation” … access was denied, with an IP# and Port= nbdgram with the same number in parenthesis. These instances appear to occur in pairs with the 2 IP#’s always the same and fairly frequently.

OK, I’ll move this thread over to help for V2-I don’t use it; sorry.