I see some people on the internet say CIS slows down their PC

I have read complaints about CIS in different sites, that it slows down PC performance. And I think in my case as well.
Do you think the company can fix that?

Reduced performance is not normal operation.

Unless you can be more specific about the problems you are encountering, there is very little chance of a fix for you.

Hello soccerguy2011,

Every Machine is different, Different configuration/Different Hardware/ Different Software (and versions of the software) installed

It’s very difficult to build any type of software that deals with security that will work 100% on all machines. but thats why their are updates and bug reports and of course here the forum, so you can let other users know what you are expierencing with your installation of CIS.

If you wish you could explain exactly whats slugging down? then we could possible help you make your PC a bit faster?

From my installations of CIS its only speed up my PC, not slowed them down
My 2 Cents

Hope this helps


read complaints about CIS in different sites, that it slows down PC performance
Are these sites old? What sites say peoples computers are slowing down? Is it alot of people or just yours

either your computer got very bloated or you have a very old computer. I never heard of CIS slowing down a computer.
What CIS version slowed your computer

what are your computer spec…

I’m not trying to be rude, it’s just I can’t picture it slowing down a computer :frowning:

This topic propably should be moved here

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Greetings all,

Jacob, your statement that CIS

is just a wrong & blunt lie… I even can not say “sorry” about that.
That is not true & never can be true … That was one very irresponsible remark & actually very damaging to less experienced users

“From my installations” What kind of special/magic installation was that ??? … From any other installation…
Face it - any security installed will slow down you PC & have negative impact on performance

Do you have questions about that?

On the other hand … according to my experience CIS is very low on resources and that was indeed improved from version to version
Please do not pay attention to the fact that I’m not using full CIS , but only 3.14 firewall
I do not need that bloated not properly designed Software as v4/v5

At the same time, v4 & v5 & whatever to come are always tested (XP 32 bit & Win 7 x64)

Well, if we can put aside my criticism regarding the development as a whole,
and speak about PC resources - the thing (CIS) is one of the best … very low on consuming , compare to many other solutions

Therefore indeed, as jay2007tech pointed applying to the initial poster (soccerguy2011 ) that is necessary to supply sufficient information about the system & what was (or presently installed)
Additional security / improper uninstallation of the security previously installed / etc.
can cause big problems

not CIS per se if that was a clean installation
…but CIS as any other security will definitely have impact on PC performance & slow down any given PC

My regards

I noticed that on my pcs (with xp and vista x86), CAV was significantly slowing down file acces in the explorer when a folder had a lot of exe files (like the download folder ). I didn’t notice any lag in my browsing the internet experience.

There was another issue with the av that was slowing down the pc after a few month of use… but i don’t know if it has been solved. :wink:

Hi cvsa ,

Well ,… as above … there is a lack of info about your System Environment
neither in the post nor in your signature, except stating OS(es)… that’s not enough :wink:

Only EXEs? Why ? what about other types ?
“onAccess” should scan any opened/ accessed files (unless exception filter was set)

My regards

What version of CAV were you using when that happened. An older version did have an issue with large numbers of files in a single folder but that has been rectified, to the best of my knowledge, in the last couple of versions. I regularly scan folder structures with in excess of 40,000 file objects spread over approximately 250 folders. Other than the fact that this takes a long time, it doesn’t any longer than the other AV we use to counter check.

Ewen :slight_smile:

also when I open every single program it takes about 30% more time than with CAV disabled.
a test was posted in this forum a few weeks ago that showed this issue in numbers.

don’t worry, my computer doesn’t freeze ! ;D but, I noticed that in my downloaded files folder, icons are for example much longer to appear than using avast! for example…

no av : instantaneous > avast : quite fast > cav : not very fast …

PS : It’s not only with exe files , but exe, bat, installers take longer to be checked than .txt for example…

I understand that using any AV will slow down file acces but some are better than others…

why did you move that topic ??? 88) i don’t need help , neither the first poster…