I see another Mod has left...

Finalement, je quitte le navire

He as a mod has not left, but been fired.
Read: https://forums.comodo.com/news-announcements-feedback-cis/how-to-kill-cis-easily-t56353.0.html

edit: correction of typo

It’s Comodo’s and it’s users loss.
Shaoron is such a valuable member and person. Sorry he had to experience this :frowning:

So many people are leaving… Soon forums will be empty

As Brucine said, Melih dislike this topic I posted before I become moderator. You have facing you the first mod which have been fired less than 12 hours after be hired, it’s maybe a record ! ;D

And yes, this forum will be empty if he continue like this. Melih can say his application is perfect, but is there is so many users that said CIS is a great … bugging application that won’t protect you because you can bypass it easily, I don’t think he won’t have so many users to use his perfect application.

Just see in all French forums, lot of people don’t recommend Comodo. I tried to fight this before, but now, I’m gonna to join them because they’s right.

All of you should read this post, you will understand that lot of hips can’t protect you because of how they work.

As this is probably my last post, and as at beginning I didn’t think to make a post in English forum because I didn’t speak a lot here so I didn’t think that lot of users see it or know me, but I will take his opportunity to thank Panic, Symbian, Kyle, Alexander Suvak, nonosito, Camille Case, yann112 and brucine for all they do.

Thank all, and good luck for the future

Thanks Shaoran. Please check your ■■■ before you finally go.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Mods come and mods go - other are still here and just lurk in the background. There is always natural attrition on forums, and although this is not what you could call “natural” attrition, the forums will still continue.

[at] all the doom and gloom prophecies and naysayers, the Comodo forums have been averaging over 1900 new members per months for the past 44 months - steady, predictable and consistent growth.

Sorry, but I think we’ll stick around for a while longer. :wink:

Ewen :slight_smile:

I did not say here, or in the french section, that Comodo is perfect or not, and should be used or not, and i wrote in the french section that i was still, at the day speaking, using Comodo (not the AV, object of the polemic, and i never did) stating that most certainly it was not perfect, but i didn’t know of a better compromise still at the day speaking.

I only somewhat “corrected” Das sentence saying that shaoran is leaving from his own will: he actually is not, i guess it is not so easy to stay as a member after having been fired as a mod.

The discussion on why he has been and whether it is appropriate or not is continued on the original “polemic topic” and in comments in the french section, i am not sure that it is relevant in the present thread, and my answer to Das is not related to what i said elsewhere about this polemic, and cannot thus be interpreted in this thread as an opinion about this eviction, neither as my opinion about Cis.


I did not wish to start an emotive thread, I gave the link and those that can understand will read.

@anyone else

Right or wrong, the CEO has an Internet reputation of being a child who throws his toys out of the pram whenever he doesn’t like or agree with something. It also doesn’t help when, within a few months, a number of mods (ignore josh, he has to grow up) have left/been asked to leave. It really doesn’t paint a pretty picture.

Good job you were not here in 2008 then, you would have probably thought the world was ending.

Actually, I was, but that was a different person, I was only 14/15. At that time it was just starting. The problems with certs, etc. I guess the point is, this company has , for the last few years, been embroiled in controversy.

What ever anyone says, regardless or the products efficiency, or not, comodo has a reputation and not necessarily a good one. Most of that reputation is due to the CEO.

Either you’re missing some words or citations are required for these years of embroiling controversies. Of course, they need to be Mod controversies… otherwise you’d be off-topic. :stuck_out_tongue:

PS I think Jeremy holds the undisputed record for the shortest term as a Moderator. I’m not exactly sure how long it was (just long enough for a Mod to notice and get an Admin to change it I think), but Jeremy can confirm how many minutes it was.

It was my fault.

Shaoran asked to be a moderator…(rather than our usual method of us Mod’s identifying and inviting a member to be a mod)
we as mods agreed…
but it was my fault because I didn’t check his postings previously, they were not inline with what i would expect a mod to do.
within 12 hours of we making him a mod, we removed mod status. During that time I had time to analyse his postings to see whether he would be suitable or not.

Yes, i should have done this before we enabled it.
It was, as I said my fault, I PMed Shaoran and said sorry for what happened.


Sorry buddy, I think I beat you (like Kail said). :stuck_out_tongue: I wasn’t really “fired” though, as I never was really hired in the first place. 88)

Well, I doubt there is much chance of me running across some malware designed to terminate CIS anyway, and I usually am careful with what programs I explore.

I just love the nay-sayers. The creative ways they twist a topic around, etc. 88)

People seem to like to leave a list of other members behind when they leave. Understandably, I don’t make those lists much anymore. My e-book reader is getting most of the attention. 88)

You like to put things in [nobbc][size=1][/nobbc] tags. :stuck_out_tongue: Anyway, I actually can’t say exactly (I would have wanted to, of course). I had something else I needed to do very soon after I found about about the modding, and I don’t know how long I was a mod before Xan told notified me. 88)