I return to OUTPOST because some important Firewall Feature are not present...


As say as the title, i have try the good COMODO Firewall but after some day of test ; i retrun to OUTPOST (sorry :wink: )…

For me, i thinks that some function are not present : important if you ONLY check FIREWALL part:

  • Not ALG : Soem basic Flow like FTP are not handled …need to make some stupid rules like range of port… i think that modern Firewall need to include : FTP ; SIP ; H323 ; RTSP etc…

→ I use Very High profils : when a app start ; i thinsk it will be great to EDIT the rule before validate them (like OUTPOST) => For example for Browser : EDIT => TCP port 80/443 only…today i need to accept [ at ] IP Dst + Port Dst ; and re-edit rules… for example if i start SIP flow i need to enter lot of rule before edit them…etc…

  • Need ‘generic’ rules => Like Autotise DNS Request for all APP ? (need to add every app TCP/UDP 53…)

So ; it’s just my Feedback for improve product ; i return to them soon !! :wink:

Sorry for my bad english !


ps: some exotic feature request : IPV6 Filtering / Qos : Shaping / WFQ ?..

Well…the good part is that you only have to make those rules once…then you can just rock on :wink:

And they are not stupid…rules are good, so we all learn how things works :slight_smile:

If your requests aren’t in the wishlist, please add them :slight_smile: