I really like CIS - question about multiple machines at home

I have installed on one machine and would like to install on another.

Do I have to use a new login / password to register the new install? Just worried it will cause problems if I have 2 separate installations on 2 machines, registered with one password - or is that no an issue?

Hello Mark;

What do you mean register?

Jacob Kilgore

Hi there,

Sorry - should have been clearer! I downloaded and installed it but I’m sure I had to set up a username / password when I did it - can’t remember now, but I’m sure that was part of the process.



Hey Mark;

I’m sorry butca CIS installation would not ask you for a user name or password/ but maybe a email to subscribe to a newsletter? that would be the only thing that i would see that it would prompt you to enter any type of information.

PS Your Free To Install CIS on unlimited number of machines :slight_smile:

Jacob Kilgore

Excellent - thanks Jacob. My memory of what I did was a bit hazy - but I’ve recommended CIS to lots of people. Hope that’s OK!!


Thats Awesome; And Thank You Mark For Using Comodo :smiley:

Jacob Kilgore