I paid for the full CIS on an offer, now it appears to be gone.

I have writen to support last week but they are ignoring me it seems.

I had a notification come up on March 31 saying I could get the full CIS for $4.99. I couldn’t resist that so I promptly paid and then entered the activation code into my existing CIS and it came up okay if I remember correctly.

A couple of weeks later, I suddenly get an upgrade notice come up on the CIS dashboard, and checking I find that somehow I seem to have been downgraded back to the pro package, not the full.

My ticket number with support is JKW-339-44339 but it’s just being ignored.

Can anyone help?

Hi mark davies,
Click the ‘?’ at the top right corner of the home screen and select ‘About’, then click on ‘Enter Licence Key’.
Re-enter your licence key and select ‘Activate’.
Title bar controls-Comodo Help

Kind regards.

Hi Captain, I’ve done that just now and it has not made a difference.

Hi mark davies,
I presume you have rebooted the system after activation?

I thought using your product key would have solved this issue, sorry it hasn’t.
I will have asked Staff to take a look at this topic.

Kind regards.

Hi Guys,

We are checking now, will inform you soon.

Kind Regards

Hello mark davies,

We need information about:

  • OS
  • CIS version before the update
  • license key.

Could you please send me a PM?

Kind Regards