I.P. Changer

I would like an I.P. changer built in to the Firewall as I don’t trust the ones on the web which are made by people I know nothing about and so don’t trust. It would be good if you had a few profiles so you could select one for the country you wished it to appear you were in, so I could watch the BBC channel programs whilst in another country, on holiday with my laptop for example. This wouldn’t be hard to do for a company like as Comodo, would it? :slight_smile:

You are basically describing a proxy/VPN service (your ISP assigns your internet IP…a program won’t change that unless it routes your traffic through some other server).

Try Comodo TrustConnect. There is a free version somewhere on the forum…use the search. :stuck_out_tongue:

As The Above Post Says;
You are wanting a Proxy (In a bold term)

Here you go

Hello and thanks for the replies, but if I watch TV programs then 10GB isn’t enough and I need to be able to specify the country I want it to look like I’m in.
There is this program(#) and there was another with 4 profiles that you could save, so you could set it to four different countries, so I could watch some American TV shows if I wanted.


I don’t like to install this type of stuff because of Rootkits, etc (although I use Window disk protection, I don’t want to have to reset it every time I want to use PayPal). I just thought it would be nice if it was included in the firewall options.
I have also read of people who have messed up there internet connection trying to configure programs like this, so the easier the better. :wink:

Either that is a fake program, or it uses a VPN/proxy. I don’t like to download from Brothersoft anyway…

…that does sound like a fake program. I wanted a similar service but found that HideMyAss.com and Proxify.com do just what I need…you can also buy private proxies for the same situation. Private proxies are a little more expensive but when you are getting 10 fresh proxies every month that aren’t being used by every spammer on the Internet, it’s definitely a good investment.