I only wanted quick time...

Am I the only one who gets annoyed by the fact that when you install quicktime you get a load of bundled rubbish that you can’t opt out of.

Apple Software Update
Apple Application Support (Something like that)
Apple I-Pod helper service
Apple Mobile Device Service

It’s extreamly annoying, I’ve just spent around 10 mins removing all this rubbish that I don’t need :-[

That sucks, solution

a quote from there

QuickTime Alternative is a trimmed-down version of QuickTime that contains only the essential components needed for playing QuickTime content that is embedded in webpages.

Advantages of QuickTime Alternative are:

Quick and easy install
Ability to make an unattended installation
No background processes
No unwanted stuff and other nonsense
Smaller size than Apple QuickTime

It comes bundled with Media Player Classic - a freeware media player that supports both QuickTime Alternative and Real Alternative.

Hope this helps

Cheers ;D

Talking about this “Alternative”

I’m having issues with Firefoxe’s plugin-container.exe in combination with D+ in paranoid mode.
It keeps asking me 15 times if I wish to allow it access to the keyboard, I select remember but it keeps alerting… Anyone else having this?

The new plugin container is causing more problems I think. I was having problems with my vista aero theme and the plugin container. It kept disabling it but I finally got it working. I tried to rename plugin_container.exe to an .old file or disable it with D+, but it seems that FF relies on it now. :-\

I’m using Paranoid mode. Haven’t had the problem you described. It’s a little odd that plugin container somehow is related to keyboard access? I wonder why.

Probably because the Quicktime plugin is asking for it.
It only asks for keyboard if I load a specific page that needs Quicktime plugin…

Other pages don’t cause this alert.