I need to know this please

So I reinstalled my OS and everything went well (thank god), now my problem is where do I go about getting the HP updates? Because my Windows XP got reverted back to the old one but I want It to go to the one I had before reinstallation, is this possible?

I mean like service packs and that sort becausee I had professional service pack 3 now I have like service pack 2.

You will have to go through the whole update cycle again Joey. :cry:

There is no way around this - if you restore from a recovery disc, you are left at the point in time when the disc was made.

I would recommend that you look into disk imaging products, like Acronis True Image or Paragon Hard Drive Manager. In the future, you could also use Comodo Backup, but at the moment, it doesn’t provide a bootable disc to restore an image onto a virgin system. Future version will, though.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Oh and here I was thinking the fun part was having to wait 6hours. Well thanks Panic I like the support you give me :slight_smile: but is ther a way to spee things up somehow because the updates seem to come so far apart from each other

always have a current backup made or at least a restore point available (this has helped me many a time).

Well my system was so corrupt that wasn’t an option anymore
I mean I think the OS was an update bcuz I never installed the one I had I remember it being an update

well, the bright side is a clean install of the system will always perform better than a bloated one. :slight_smile:

Amen to that, now I need one little favor if you could tell me why it keeps asking me for a connection from, it says that comodo detected a new network from that ip

what is your Computer’s and Router’s IP?
I am assuming this is the local network you are using.

Not really. It is always best to do the updates in the recommended order, as there may be dependancies (i.e. a later update may rely on an earlier already being installed.

Remember the old saying - act in haste, repent in leisure.

Much better to get it done properly and have it take a bit longer than to rush things and just arrive at a mess much quicker. :wink:

Ewen :slight_smile:

So true… Could the connection be my wireless? Or could it be some hacker :confused:

Wireless, the IP you asked about is not an Internet IP, local network only. You can set your router to only allow Specific IP’s or MAC addresses to be sure it is not from a potential wireless hacker nearby.

hmmm well i doubt there is anyone, and is everyones local

So that IP could be from nyone?

No that IP is the IP your router assigns your computer. its safe. Any IP beginning with 192.168.0.x are computers on your LAN.

192.168.X.X are all local addresses and cannot be coming from the internet.