I Need To Go Back In Order To Block A File=^..^=

[size=10pt]I recently downloaded Comodo 3 days ago and I mistakenly allowed a program when I really meant to block it. Is there a way that I can rectify the situation? Is there anyway I can bring that file or program back up to block it?
Thanks for your help! So far, this looks like an awesome program! Thanks for making it free!
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was it the firewall or D+ that you wanted to block. Either way, it is an easy fix. If firewall, go to firewall tab at top → advanced on the left → click network security policy → find the program → highlight and hit remove then hit apply. Now when you run it again you will get the warning again and this time you can block. For defense+, go to D+ at the top → advanced on the left → click computer security policy → find the program (there might be multiple entries) and hit remove and hit apply. When the program is run again you will once get the warning you want and you can select block this time.

Hey languy,
Thanks for the help. I did what you said and I hope I found the right file. You gave really good instructions and I appreciate that!
Have a great day and an even better day tomorrow!
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