I need to download Comodo Firewall again, fresh XP install... [Resolved]

…but can i do that without the need of reporting in a new email address and getting a new license? I still have my old license number.

Yes, if you still have your activation number, that should work without any problem.

Only if you have a problem… :wink:


As Little Mac said, yes, you can download and install Comodo Firewall and simply use your old key, however at some point these older keys reach the end of their life and will not activate any more copies (because once they have activated the program they are not needed anymore) and therefor in the future you may need to request a new license key copy.

Thanks for the answers dudes, downloaded and ready to go! ;D

No problem! Glad you tossed an easy one out there for us! :wink:

I’ll go ahead and mark this one Resolved and close it out.