I need to block streaming videos

Hi, I need to know how to block our shared family computer so that while everyone can browse the internet, no one will be able to stream videos (from websites) - at least until O level and A level exams are over. I don’t know the website details though. Can this be done through Comodo? Please help. Thanks. John

unless Comodo has developed it and I never knew about it, I don’t think the firewall has an ability to block out videos from being seen though. I think that if you use custom policy mode and set the alerts to very high and then navigate to the webpage that contains the videos, you’ll get popups that may give you the IP address of the webpage and then you might have some success blocking the videos that way, but I’m not sure how well that would work, if at all.

Thanks - I will try that - the problem is that there are probably many such sites; I thought streaming might use a particular port which I could block, but apparently this is not the case.

It probably does. I just am not aware of something like this. If someone does, I’m sure that they will reply with the information for you.

If you’re not sure which sites are being accessed and you don’t know the ports used for the stream, you may be better off using some third-party software to block specific content. Internet Explorer has a built-in content filter but I have no idea how good it is. Here’s one package to look at, I’m sure there are others

K9 Web Protection - Free Internet Filter and Parental Control …

If young people experience “learning” with “frustration/restrictions/uncomfort” in a combination,
they will not like learning.
Its the opposite effect of the parents intention.

You could tell them, that they need to learn. And that you hope they will learn enough to KNOW the content. Thats important.
You could have disable the internet. But no, you believe in them. :slight_smile:

I have heard about this before. I think it’s just mainly to be used as a filter to keep kids from looking up bad things like porn and adult websites. I think the only way it blocks videos is if you tell it to block sites such as youtube. I once saw a review on this software from someone who said that parents can use to block out bad stuff, but I don’t really think he talked about how you can block videos with it.

K9 is just one example of the type of application that can be used to control content, there are lots of others. As far as whether it can do this, according to


It can.

Trying to block this kind of content by using the firewall, is not going to be easy. First you’d have to know all the sites used, then you’d need to find the IP addresses (using host name filtering won’t work) Having done that, you might find that whilst you wish to block the video/audio streams, you might wish to allow other aspects of the site, so using IP blocking is useless.

It might be possible to control access by protocol, assuming you know the protocol used in the stream. So creating filters to block things like RSTP, AVI, WMV, MPG, MPEG, FLV, SWF, DIVX etc., may be possible, but how much work will it take.

If you say that it does, then I believe you. I tried to re-size the image so that I could look at it closer, but I was not able to. I didn’t think that the firewall would be able to block the video. The reason I gave the answer that I did earlier on is from my own personal experience. When I had the firewall on Custom Policy Mode and I went to a website such as Youtube. I got one popup after another and I kept on having to allow them. If I didn’t allow one fast enough, one of three things would happen:

  1. The website loaded, but no video or pictures would load
  2. I got one of those errors saying that I was not connected to the internet
  3. The video would play, but if I refreshed the page because something went wrong and then after I reloaded the page, scenario 2 would happen


Thanks languy, I posted the thumbnail by mistake. :embarassed:

That’s the joy of using custom policy with elevated alerts, the first time something new is encountered. You could well use port blocking, but you’d have to know the IP address and ports for each site, even then, some stream work over standard HTTP, so you’d need to block the entire site.

If using firefox you could block plugin-container.exe from connecting to the internet, but that’d block all installed addons from connecting to the internet.

If it would require YOU to block for your children so they can learn,
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Its important to learn to learn. On their own.
Blocking is something else.
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