I need suggestions about firewall configuration for some apps.

Hi, yesterday I lost my connection. Because of firstly, I couldn’t connect to internet (DNS servers can’t found) than I can’t install my drivers of router. (So no connection.)

Anyway, I uninstalled Comodo and everything is OK. Before this uninstall some of mine rules are right about this.

System as blocked application.
Windows Operating System as blocked application.
svchost as Outgoing Only mode.

Maybe I do some think wrong on there so I lost connection. After connected the internet successfully, I installed Comodo back and now everything is OK again. But I need some suggestions about this rules again:

System, Windows Operating System, svchost and Live Messenger.

Normally I switch System and svchost to Outgoing Only right now. I’m waiting for your suggestions.

Thanks a lot you, and thanks a lot Comodo.