I need some user opinions/advice


I would like some user opinions/advice.
I am a Opera Browser user. I just love, no correction I loved it until version 12.16, than we got Chropera with version 15 and I hate it. The developers promised us the features of 12.16 will come but we are now on version 30 (I think, I lost count) it is not getting better it is getting worst. It’s unstable, low on features and super slow. BTW. anyone noticed that when you start it (no tabs just the speed dial) you have 12 processes in the Task manager… Now with windows 10 it’s almost not usable, crashes, freezes and the speed got even worst (Windows Insider so I’m testing it for a long time).I don’t really like FireFox(but I have it installed) and I would never use Chrome. I know there is light at he end of the tunnel with Vivaldi(also testing it) but it still needs a lot of work, I think it is going to take for about a year until it gets “really FINAL”. There is also Otter but that needs even more work then Vivaldi. I know Comodo has Browser products, can some recommend me one that would be similar to Opera? I absolutely need the Speed Dial in the exact same way like in Opera (I don’t want Bookmarks in my Speed dial and I absolutely don’t want the last visited Websites in the Speed dial), I need a few Extensions (DotVPN, Addblock, HTTPS Everywhere and so on), I need speed and it should be highly customizable, oh yeah a built in Password manger would be great (I miss WAND). That was the great thing about Opera before 15, everyone had Opera but everyone had they own browser. You could change and edit anything, even write your own scripts for some sites. If there is anyone who knew Opera before 15 and knows the Comodo Browsers, please give me advice. Which one should I try? Or should I just shut up and wait for Vivaldi…



same here. Loved opera, especially the built-in mail and notes. After the change it was…well…strange to me. So I decided to look for alternatives. Couldn’t get anything near what it was as 12.16. But if you’re willing to risk a few, aside from Vivaldi there’s also Otter Browser.

Though it’s not always that reliable. Right now I’m using slimjet and firefox. There are also a few that I use from time to time although they are, admittedly, outdated. QtWeb was once a favorite of mine 'til it was seemingly discontinued. And K-Meleon, too, from time to time.

Hi Guys,
Dragon/Chromodo are my main browsers, but I sometimes use Slimjet it has portable and 64-bit options available.

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I used to use Opera but gave up on it,then i used Comodo Dragon but it seemed to have so many processes going i was forever having to close it down & start it again, Now i use SRWare Iron, if you don’t know it its a bit like both of Opera and Dragon, Now i use it as my Default Browser. The only 1 thing that annoyed me is the Program Files Folder there is a red icon with a Roman Type Helmet on it. You have to double click that the first time you use it to sign into Sync or you will spend all night trying to sign in.you only have to use it the once it is just to sync with all your old bookmarks.But it does not tell you that you have to do it.
PS,There is a portable zip so you can try it without having to install it,or even stick with the portable if you want to,there is 32 & 64 bit naturally so its worth a look,

I previously used Dragon, but now I use Chromodo. The primary reasons being it is included with CIS. I am happy with its performance.

Hi Stever1,
All Chromium based browsers utilise the ‘Multi-process Architecture’, the number of active add-ons, the number of active tabs and page content can all contribute the number of processes running.
Disabling non required add-ons will reduce the number of processes.
This can be checked using the browsers task manager.

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You might be interested in Otter browser which is recreating the classic Opera user experience.