I need major help! Big issue

Alright i removed comodo firewall like 10 times and reinstalled it and its gone i deleted REGISTRY KEYS

And the thing still shows in the security center :’( i have been trying to fix it i uninstalled then reinstalled like 20 times and deleted all the registry keys and used msconfig and STILL! its in secuirty center and shows it as on. how do i get rid of it???

Thanks in advance guys.

This is not caused by a leftover of the firewall. Rather, it is caused by the Windows Management Interface repository hanging onto stuff it shouldn’t.

To delete your existing repository (which will fix the issue), please see


The repository will be rebuilt on your next reboot and will only recognise currently installed assets.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

THANKS!! ;D i spent like 5 hours today trying to fix this, thank you so much!!! (:CLP)