I need help!

I was using Comodo Interent Security 6.0 but,… I can’t use because firewall blocking incoming conection so i use now Comodo antivirus 6.0 and windows xp firewall, but idk, not felling secured.

As I said Comdo IS 6.0 firewall its blocking incoming conections or idk how to set, example I am hosting own

-Team Speak 3 Server ( ppl can’t conect ) -CIS firewall blocking
-AppServ ( people can’t visit my website ) -CIS firewall blocking
-FreeZila ( not sure about this ) - not in use…

atm I don’t have picture to post, and some one to explain me how to set firewall. could anyone do that, help me about this? thank you in advance, Lou.

If you go to Tasks from the main interface, then go to firewall tasks and click on allow application. you can always check the advanced settings.

Teamspeak 3 is located in

C:/Program Files/teamspeak 3 client.