i need help

i play a game called flyff and when i allowed all of the stuff that needed to allowed so i can play the game the game will start to load up and then it will crash as the login screen is about to come up

so how can i fix this problem if it can b fixed?

Hi kalhrking,

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Can you explain a bit more on what your setup is ?

Like do you have Comodo Internet Security installed, and is that with AV/FW & D+ ?
Does the game work when you set the security level to disabled for FW & Defense+ ?


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Try the following. Delete all rules for the program in D+ and Firewall and then follow A note to gamers.

The rules for the game in D+ can be found under Defense + → Advanced → Computer Security Policy. The rules for the game in Fireall can be found under Firewall → Advanced → Network Security Policy → Application rules.

Does the blue screen still appear after this? Can you tell us what the blue screen says when it occurs again. We are interested in:
the error name; looks like IRQ_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL
the error code: looks like 0X000000D6
when provided a filename

ok i tryed the stuff on not to gamers and that didnt work and the i tryed the disable fw and d+ but that didnt work either and i get no blue error screen

its as if the game tries to open but while its opening it closes itself and goes right back to my desktop so im wondering if i should just try a reinstall for both the game and comodo?

I downloaded the game and installed it (I had some time on my hands). I started it with D+ and Firewall in Training Mode to not be bothered by alerts. The game started and after 20 or less seconds it stopped taking me back to the desktop.

I noticed under Firewall Security Policy and Defense + Security Policy that Gameguard anti cheat protection is running also. Gameguard is a phenomenon in its own right. May be these topics about Comodo and Gameguard shed some light for you:

ty this did help…no i just no that i can no longer play my game lol…oh well life goes on