i need help

:(i need some help ive tried to run my on demand scan today and i get a message saying it wont load the scan engine >:(


Just uninstall then reinstall the Comodo Antivirus (I had this problem and that fixed it).


it only fixes the problem until cas updates itself then your back to square one


I just recieved updates this morning and I am not recieving this error. If you could please e-mail support and see what they say that would be great. Their e-mail is support@comodogroup.com

hello E-mailed support twice they say hey are trying to fix and will be in touch however i am a little concerned that if the scanning engine is not working maybe the rest is suspect ad i am not properly protected :o

Well why support is working on the problem, I would suggest using Ewido as a backup scanner, it is an amazingly good product, and is a 30 day trial, after the 30 day trial you go to the free version which doesn’t have real time and auto updates but has all the other features. I use Ewido myself and can assure you it is a good product.

I was getting the same error, but when I tried to uninstall, the whole program got screwy and now everytime I try to load a program (*.exe), I get an failure to install message. How can I completely delete the program (I mean remove EVERYTHING) for a totally clean install?


I am not really sure how you may do this, sorry :-\ your best bet is to contact support@comodogroup.com or send a PM to garry, he is head of support.