I need HELP!!! [Resolved]

Hi there,
I’m currently having a problem which noone so far was able to help me solve:
I own an ASUS PRO 60v notebook (Windows XP HomeEdition SP2) with a FAT32-formatted HD which I want to convert to Ntfs.
Unfortunately I don’t have a full XP Home version; it only came with 2 recovery Cds (using images) so I’m not sure whether or not I can simply reformat my HD to to Ntfs with the R-Cds still working. (I contacted ASUS support but all I got were some dim-witted answers which just wouldn’t help)
So I decided to use “convert.exe” instead and ended up with 512 bytes clusters which extremely slowed down my nb’s performance. Consequently I used my recovery cd’s to reset my nb to FAT32.
However, searching the web for a while I came across something called “cvtarea” and an article by microsoft stating that XP is able to convert to 4kb clusters if you use the cvtarea parameter. Unfortunately, this was for XP Professional and now I’m not sure whether this works also with XP Home???
My question: Does anyone know if it’s possible to convert from FAT32 to NTFS without having 512bytes clusters afterwards??? How does it work??? Can one safely use the cvtarea parameter??? Which size should the file which is then overwritten by the MTF file have???
Please help as I really want to benefit from all the advantages of a NTFS HD.

Thanks in advance,
grampa. (V)

PartitionCommander can do that.

I don’t know about PartitionMagic.

Thanks pepoluan but I was either looking for a free programme (which doesn’t seem to exist - and all the demos don’t really change anything) or for a way to do it using convert.exe.
I don’t think there’s a way but use a prog like PartitionCommander but I thought that maybe some “sage” might know the trick.
However, I greatly appreciate your help.
Thanks a lot.

Paragon has a trial version:

I don’t know if the trial version can convert the cluster size. Give it a run anyways.

Thanks again, but the trial will not actually change anything. It’s just for you to get to know the programme a bit - tried it already.
I don’t think it can be done, however, I very much appreciate your trying to help me.
You people rock!!!
Here’s to you :■■■■

Hey grampa :slight_smile:

It’s still possible to find older ‘freeware’ versions of Paragon, which will allow you to resize clusters.

It seems this page is still working Subscription Offers From Just £3 | Computeractive

But a quick google provides lots of links to the older versions.


Thank you very much. Your help and ideas are very much appreciated.
Just one last question:
I read in other forums about people having problems using partition manager, partition magic and alike.
As I only have the recovery cds I don’t want to run a risk, messing everything up.
I don’t know much about computers… so even a small problem might be insolvable for me.
So, is it safe to use such a programme when the only thing one has is 2 (image) recovery cds?
Thanks for your help,


My own personal experience with Partition Magic has been very good. It has helped me greatly in the past. Fortunately, I have never suffered data loss. Other’s, however, have been less fortunate.

When performing low level system tasks, such as re-partitioning, it’s always wise to be prepared for the worst.

Make sure you backup any important/critical data.


Cheers mate.
As soon as I stop being such a ■■■■■ and use PM I’ll remember your words:
BACKUP…How many times have I - too late - realised that it was this very thing I forgot? (:SHY)
…one day I’ll remember.
All the best and thanks for your help,

Your very welcome and good luck :slight_smile:

Here’s a good info page on converting FAT32 to NTFS in XP.


I do agree with Toggie… Partition Magic (PM) is a very good program & converting FAT32 to NTFS is a fairly painless & quick process in PM. FAT32 to NTFS conversions can get a little tricky sometimes when multiple logical partitions are involved. However, the above info page explains why & I strongly doubt PM hasn’t got that area covered.

I hope that helps.

Thanks for all your great help,
I’ve been searching the intenet for some time now for older vversions of pm so as to learn more about its features etc.
Unfortunately I couldn’t find any dl-links for a full or trial (not demo) version. Either you have to pay or can only virtually apply changes (not physically).
Searched for similar progs but also to no avail (pay or get demo versions, both old and new ones).
If s.o. knows about working links (from trustworthy sites) please let me know.
If not, I think I’ll just have to live with fat until, maybe one day, I’ll finally get a satisfying answer from ASUS support.

another site to try for such programs as freeware is http://www.vnunet.com/ They frequently offer “time-limited” full versions which if you DL and install b4 a certain date, are unlimited-time-limited (meaning, never expire). I’ve gotten some good stuff that way.


Hey all,

Grampa has bitten the bullet and converted successfully to NTFS.

ewen :slight_smile:

Woohoo! You go, Grampa! (:CLP)