I need help please

This is ridicelous I just downloaded ice dragon and the virtural thing and not it just shuts my computer down I can’t even uninstall it my computer is right medded it keeps crashing now I can’t even use the internet I have to use my phone so can someone please help me fix this

Great so nobody from this site can help me nice, your company owes me a new computer

I’m going to send comodo the bill for what it costs to fix my computer I’m done with this everyone is ignorant from this company I messed two moderators and nothing I am very unsatisfied with this company and I will tell everyone what I went through to get a little help I’m also sending the company the bill for the data I had to use on my phone to try to get assistance because my computer won’t work at all thanks to comodo

Don’t download comodo ice dragon unless you want one big virus that crashes your computer every five minutes its a SCAM! I am only able to post this from my cell phone if you don’t believe me download it for yourself and when your computer crashes cause of it come here ask for help and get ignored great service guys

Ice dragon is a scam I downloaded it and its one big virus and crashed my computer every five minutes

Don’t download icedragon its a scam it will put one big virus on your computer and force it to crash every five minutes or when you go to use the internet and even if you uninstall it it doesn’t go away and will still crash your computer DON’T DOWNLOAD!

I have just merged all of your replies to the same topic. You should be aware that this largely is a user-based forum. For example, I am a volunteer moderator, and do not work for Comodo. Thus, you need to give users more time to reply, and to be as polite as possible. That is the best way to get assistance.

Also, from your first post I’m not sure how to help. Please start by listing all security software on your computer.
Also, tell me exactly what you did when the problem started? (For example, did you try to run Ice Dragon virtualized?)
Also, are you able to boot into Safe Mode?

This is the sort of information which must be provided before anyone can provide helpful assistance. Your abrasive attitude will not encourage others to help you. In fact, it will likely have the opposite effect.

Please calm down and answer my above questions. We can continue from there. I’m sure this problem is fixable.


Hi ericspearing42,
Like a zillion other legit programs, IceDragon could carry a virus if the installer has been tampered with.
First up, what site did you download IceDragon from and secondly what evidence is there that you are infected?
A system crash does not mean you are infected, they are two very different issues with the majority of times being non related.

Now as Chiron has pointed out, calmly let us all try to help with the issue.