I need help installing the new version of CIS

I have an old Comodo Firewall Pro version 3.8.65951.477 and every time i went to the update button in miscellaneous it would mess up my installation and i would have to fix it using system restore. so if i just download the new version will it write over my existing one so i don’t have to uninstall it first? also, how can i just install the firewall component and defense+ components since i don’t need the anti virus. thanks.

AFAIK, installing the new version over the top should work, but I would recommend doing a clean reinstall. I’ve included a guide at the bottom of this post on the correct way to do so.

To not install the AV, simply untick the Install Comodo Antivirus checkbox on installation.

Guide starts now

Exit CIS by right clicking tray icon, and clicking ‘Exit’ → Click ‘Yes’ at the prompt.

Uninstall CIS using Revo Uninstaller and use the ‘Advanced’ uninstallation method. Let the uninstaller run.

Do not reboot if the uninstaller asks.

Click ‘Next’. Delete any remaining Comodo-related registry entries and files found by Revo.

Reboot (very important!)

Download the CIS Cleanup Batch File and run it.


Clean your system of temp/junk files with a program like CCleaner.

Guide ends now

Hope this helps :slight_smile: