I need help but I've nowhere to turn

Hello Friends.

      I will probably get banned,not because anyone is bad,ive been told by a friend whom has witnessed what is happening to come here.

I wont get into detail because its just to unbeleivable & ive been called enough names already when pleading for help.I can only say that ive seen a dark side to America and spent a year in a half bedridden and 3 years all together fighting for my life,The stopy is at OpedNews under a name I used for an online video show named SmokeyC4 and my Anchor name was Coyote Lee. I made it out of Nebraska after my third attempt and I got out alive.Now the FBI keeps hacking into my computers crashing 3 well 4 of them,the 4th I was able to recover,I tryed cyberghost but that did not work,They had my bank extort over $2.500,I buy a domain name and its taken from me,I pay to join a website while trying to find my SoulMate and they got ahold of the website ChristianMingles and I lost the last bit of money that I have,They dropped my credit score from over 800 to just over 400 in weeks using Capital Ones name,they tell site owners some kind of lie and I never find out what they have lied about,they have stripped me of all of my Constitutional Rights,I had some DUI’s years and years ago but thats it,ive never even had a speeding ticket.The call me telling me people in my family are dead,they have tormented me,they as in the Minneapolis FBI,HHow can I get them out of my computer?ive tryed malewherebytes,spybot & destoy,cyberghost yet they still get in,Does anyone know how I can keep these criminals out of my computer?They delete my blogs and the blogs are Christian Blogs,I have went through nervous breakdowns,they were ordered by someone very powerful to keep me from ever speaking of what happened to me in Nebraska,I had no plans on ever speaking of it until they started having fun,commiting crimes,they let all of my emails get hacked,my facebook hacked,i closed the account and it was back open again,I decided to close my facebook account after the Guru had something wrote in a language from another middle east country,It scared the heck out of me because he was suppose to be from india yet he was writing in a language not of his country using my name and the FBI just let him.
Anyway,They wont let me find love,open a bank account,They wont let me minister,I dont know what to do or where to go,this is going on the fith year and im not taking it anymore but I cant get help because its impossible,If I can stop them from taking over my computers then I could write congress and senators,they delete what im writing.Im done being scared and now …well im really angry and just want out of my once beloved country,If they do this to a Minister then I cant be the only one. Does anyone know of anyway of stopping my computer from being hacked? im broke,my spirit is on edge,I dont know where to turn for help,they took my house i lost everything and my ex walked out on me because se could not take it anymore,so im alone and my only companion is Jesus my Lord & Savior and my poodle.Im in a world alone and I dont know why,I just dont know why or what to do or where to go.Can anyone help me?Please?
Pastor Arron PS My given name is Ron but after what they have done I dont go by Ron anymore.
Thank You. :-[

[size=1]Edit: I changed all caps title to normal case.Eric