i need help about that!

i will try to using fedora With windows if i login in fedora and i download files
may be a malware in that files
if i run windows comodo protect all files?



So how i can protect windows when im using fedora :slight_smile:

this question for Professional People

I don’t think windows malware can run in Linux. But I’m sure Comodo will catch it it you transfer what you downloaded to Windows. I think I’m understanding it right.

yes THank you That’s what i mean
There’s a malwares auto download so if i start to using windows i hope it comodo block them :slight_smile:

because i need to use lunix fedora for some work etc
Thank you bro
happy life

You should be all set. Windows virus can not execute in linux.

kjdemuth thank you bro but i mean when im browsing in lunix may be a malware transfer from my lunix to windows directory that’s what i mean
and if i start windows may be gonna infected

You can determine which “drives” are “added”.
Dont “add” the “drive” with windows on it.

Use linux for linux, and be carefull with “relations” that you dont control. Just to be more safe than “MAYBE” sorry.

Also you could use clamAV on linux… but while companies compare between good and bare in a range of 95-98%, clamAV is not in competition as a windows antivirus. But i think, for linux its a good thing.
I would never say something bad about clamAV. But its for sure not close to 100%. Most important, clamAV is not a guard… You have to scan! You have to update!
An antivirus is like a pair of glasses… so, keep your eyes open :wink:

here’s the thing. true enough windows viruses won’t run in linux for as long as you don’t run them in WINE. If you don’t want to accidentally launching the virus, download all files in a ext4 file format partition. windows won’t see those drives so you won’t be able to click on them. selectively transfer the files to a FAT32 or NTFS partition after download if you wish them shared between OS’s.