i need assistance

I just installed the new CFP update → CFP_Setup_3.0.14.273_XP_Vista_x32 fresh.
it said there was an update so i clicked on update, may i ask what was the update just now for?

another thing is i’ve got this alert twice already I just selected block and not remember, i have no idea what this alert means and what should i do, please advice!


In the letter for the 3.0.14 there were instructions to turn off updates so we don’t get other mainstream stuff that would interfere with the beta. For the alert, it looks like your router is sending you a query via a NetBios port. Usually networks run fine if you ignore all these things unless sharing is involved. If nothing breaks, try block/log and remember. If nothing breaks after a while, turn off the log. Fix it later if there is an Aha! :wink:

Hi, here is another screenshot


i don’t like that port 137 lol, but anyway both IP’s source and destination is my router’s i know my router or connection depends on netbios service, I blocked that request it asks and i’m on here so i’m ok no connection problem, but i would like to know what is going on is my router requesting to connect to my PC or is this some computer from teh internet trying to connect?

oh P.S in the email with the link to the update there was nothing else included saying about turning off updates or anything. when i installed the new CFP 3.0 update which was a clean install with no CFP on it already. upon next reboot it said there was an update, so i clicked on update, the new update was some files for CFP, i found 23 of them in my pending list LOL. seeing how they were all new CFP 3 files for the new update itself i moved them all into my safe list already ;D

oh one reponse i forgot, nope i’ve got nothing sharing. just this PC connected to the internet behind a router, in the setup of the new firewall it asked if i am sharing anything. like printers, files or if i’m on a home or office network. I’m not so i didn’t tick the box for that and for do not detect any networks, I didn’t tick that box either since there was no information to say if i should. i just clicked on next after step 1, step 2 i left both boxes unticked

My letter said “The automatic updater may report new updates. Please disregard those messages until the official release. Otherwise it will be downgraded to the currently available official release. Thanks for attending to testing.”

As far as the screenshot, is your router, is your computer. Could be checking on who is still out there, or ? UDP does not establish connections like TCP-the datagrams are WYSIWYG. But if you block, it will repeat the query some default number of times.

all my message i got said is this →

You have just been sent a personal message by JJasper on Welcome to the Comodo Forum.

IMPORTANT: Remember, this is just a notification. Please do not reply to this email.

The message they sent you was:

Here are the links to the new version - John

XP/Vista 32 bit

lmao! er my pm message was even shorter, it says “here is the links for the new download”

well i already clicked on update when it said theres new updates
i’ve checked what version it says afterwards and it says Version

all i can say is ugh! cos i never got no letter saying what yours says. can melih or someone confirm this please? and since i’ve done the updates already you let me know if i have to unstall CFP 3 and install the new update version again the,
Thank you

btw this preview button seems to be broke right now lol since i did the update it only says “error on page” when i click preview i can’t preview my message before posting it :-\ lmao

Oh bugger! i see you are right it has downgraded mine to the original CFP 3 version :o ARHH! lol
well i should have got a letter too telling me about it, but i never got one saying anything ???

I will uninstall CFP 3 now and reinstall the new CFP 3 version again lol. thanks for telling me sded, i wouldn’t have noticed if you hadn’t just told me

I can’t preview either-I guess we aren’t allowed mistakes any more. :wink: The numbers say you just reinstalled the old final, so will need to uninstall it and reinstall 3.0.14. I thought everybody received the same letter, but doesn’t look like it. My letter came from Egeman and also had a list of all the fixes and some instructions on how to proceed.

Hi Ron_75

My fault, I should have sent the letter out. I will PM it to you now.


No problem JJasper :slight_smile:

I uninstalled the firewall and resintalled the new CFP again, just finished doing it ;D

I’ve noticed one thing though, the first install when it completes and the setup asks to restart the PC and i let it, when the PC reboots it doesn’t complete loading WinPX it gets as far as the desktop then just won’t complete loading of my tasbar icons and the system.

on 2nd reinstall after uninstalling cos of the mistake lol. i chose to not let the setup program restart the PC for me and do it myself afterwards. same prob though it rebooted loaded winxp and as soon as the desktop came up my taskbar icons loaded i think all of them this time apart from the firewall didn’t load and no icon appeared and i couldn’t click on anything not even the start menu, after 5 mins or less i knew the system wasn’t gonna complete loading so i had to do a hard reboot then afterwards Winxp loaded with no probs.

I will mainly be testing if the PC loads when i reboot cos thats the major problem i had with the original CFP 3 version and ended up buggering my system up

hey sded,

just to let you know i allowed that service request alert i was getting and accepted it as a trusted application. and i checked the firewall events log afterwards. yeah seems you was right its just my router querying my PC lol.

thanks :slight_smile: