I need a free file host

Ok, not every free host will do.

I’m in a group that needs to have certain files. In the past, we kept losing things if we sent them out via email (people would delete an email with the file and then need it later). It wasn’t that organized.

We tried SkyDrive…but many of the people had trouble with it. (Most aren’t computer-literate.) We had some of the things private (partly since they were copyright and we only had licenses to share among us). So each member had to sign up for an account…(and there were many problems)

Also, some of the other people with the files couldn’t figure out how to post them (since SkyDrive had some confusing other features and all).

So I want: A free (or cheap) service that lets multiple people easily post files, and others can privately few them with a special link or something (or maybe a password…but it shouldn’t be anything harder like signing up for an account).


There is mediafire http://www.mediafire.com/

about the files… how big are they?
if they’re considerably small (<20mb?) , how about making a group email account (yahoo perhaps?), send the files as attachments to it, & share the email account user id & password to your groups :-La

I had thought about that. But it has so many ads, that some may get confused. I know it has happened before.

Interesting…most files are smaller docs, but some PDFs may pass that limit. I’m not exactly comfortable sharing account details…some have kids that might enjoy messing things up. :stuck_out_tongue:

No matter what you choose, those same ‘kids’ will still be there.
A calculated risk, don’t you think?

Most only have to access files. And the ones that will be uploading things, I trust.

free yahoo account for you.
rocket for the uuuh… kids 88)

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I forgot about Google Docs. That may work…hmm.

But remember that the files are time limited, i.e., the owner must login to his/her account each month or the files are removed from the server.

Opera Unite maybe? Then only send the password to your most trusted friends, create a My Unite Files on your computer and throw everything you may want to share with others in there and nowhere else.
Sorcerer :wink:

I thought you had to be online for them to access. And I’m not always online…

But do you want an online storage for the time you’re not online ???

No, I’m sharing it with others. And if others can’t access the files when I’m offline…then I don’t want that.

Oh, I see.
So, MediaFire will do the job. You don’t need to be logged when the others access the files.

But it may be a bit complicated…and all the ads are annoying and may mislead some of the computer-illiterate.

Box.net is perfect…except for the cost.

Freeware rules… I’d rather ads than having to pay ;D

That is because you know something about computers. 88)

Many of these people can’t tell if they should click on the big nice ad or the tiny download link. :stuck_out_tongue:

But you can send the download link directly to them, as far I remember.

The whole point is not to have to email files to people each time I add new ones, but just email them the link to the folder so they can check themselves! 88) (Because keeping track of the emails can be hard).