I must be part of a conspiracy

I was surfing the net and decided to check out the MRG website and what pops up, my name and that I am somehow linked to MRG or something. What the hell is wrong with people? What that I can get malware and have submitted to Comodo (and also microsoft, Kaspersky, avira, avast and others) I am somehow part of something weird. People are way too funny. http://malwareresearchgroup.com/

Enyoy the fame! (:LOV) (:KWL)

Rather fascinating how all this unfolded, it’s a long read but not really about you Languy:

Lol. Its trash comodo and everything associated with comodo down at wilders. Usually no facts presented. Just accusations and rumors.

Kinda typical thread at there…

Originally Posted by Paul Wilders

As for the MRG, it is known one of their members is member from the Comodo-MRG as well, uploading a massive numbers of samples from MRG to Comodo, before MRG testing. In my opinion, this is a conflict of interests, since Comodo software is tested by MRG as well.

followed by creer saying:

I totally agree with this statement

And then it rolls on and becomes some sort of fact to them that MRG is associated with comodo… I personally hate wilders for their rumor/childish approach… No facts needed…

Usually no facts presented either. Just accusations… Like this one… Prove them wrong and they accuse you for being a comodo fan… Like that has anything to do with something.

Or they start whining about something else far from the truth… Like “hey comodo deletes every thread that is not about CIS superiority”… the list goes on…

yeah it’s all trash. Check out some of my posts on other forums about this subject.



I also had a talk with Melih about this whole thing, kind of funny overall. Some people have no lives.

I can’t tell what you send or not… But If you really had access and was sending their stuff to comodo all the time then prehaps we would not have scored as low as we have done on all previous testings by MRG, way below some others… CIS did not even score excellent in this last test… 88) 88)
CIS has yet to top or receive any superb result from testings preformed by this malware group…

We never been in top 3 in the MRG tests really… yet we have the insider man… working sending us all the samples… lol… =)

Peoples logic is flawed some times. (this is a example)

btw, detection will get better, BIG TIME. :wink:

I expect someone read this:

Then assumed it was about the other group rather than the Comodo one. If they bothered to see when Languy joined the MRG forum they should realise their mistake.

I guess it all started with a rumor which seemingly cast shadows on MRG tests and coincidentally also boils down to Comodo having unfair advantage because someone supposedly sent them samples before the tests did take place.

Indeed comparatives actually measure how much a vendor AV db samplseset overlaps with the tester sampleset, although even for more renowned testing organizations, in addition to the impossibility of peer reviews, there is barely any information about how much overlapping there is between sample gathering of the vendors and tester, whereas it is not that only direct and intentional relationships could possibly affect the results whenever similar claims obviously focus on intentional actions.

He did speak true about Paul. I would speak that for most other security experts, who are against Comodo. They seem to puke on good projects and leave the true volunteers in the dust.

The Microsoft MVPs are becoming a very annoying group of individuals who think they can walk on other volunteers. We are all community, and working together is how community builds.

Not to hijack this topic or anything…now it seems this MRG has someone on their team who is biased against Comodo. Do you know who by chance?

I’ve seen other AV tests and even tested AV products on my own, and have found Comodo to score high.