I love this firewall!

Just wanted to say that I love this firewall. I recently dumped McAfee since it was taking up 80 MB of Ram (just firewall and AV). I came across this firewall and it is simply great! Thank you for making this available for free!

Ditto. I too just dumped McAfee yesterday for the same reason and couldn’t be more pleased I did so. :slight_smile:

(B)I was searching for firewalls for some reason, but dont remember right now. McAfee anything sucks for anyone using it im sorry for you. I was using Zone Alarms Regular firewall/Pro not the bloated one like the suite, but I wanted something better like a corp. type fire wall, and more advanced features like Comodos. You can see all connections the ports their using, and you can specify in the firewall certrain ip addys for access like VPN etc… so only they can get it. Great firewall and for free totaly awsome. (L)

I dumped za for comodo,as i truly believe this is a much better product. (:CLP) (:HUG)