I Love Comodo

Hi, i’m a comodo CIS user for the past 2months & i love it… i just the that comodo will keep the CIS free for us all in the future too… I have tried and used various IS programs and forund comodo fast and light… The heuristics engine is just superb, it just catches most new viruses and yeah it does show some false positives, but that proves the power of comodo heuristics.

How ever i miss just some things in comodo free IS, hope its not too much to ask…

1.An efficient Banner Blocker.
2.The fire wall does’nt show you how much bandwidth used for a day.
3. Offline updates

Hi coolbuy,

Welcome to the forums.

Indeed I second your wishes. +1
:-TU :-TU

Personally, I think banner and ad blocking is better left to the browser. A good browser like firefox or Opera, with an add-on or two, can contend with any and all web elements better than any firewall.

Bandwidth… maybe. Again there are a lot of products out there that do it, and do it well.

Offline updates. Yes, this I can agree with. It would be very useful to have that ability.

1.An efficient Banner Blocker.
If you have firefox, then use a "addon" called adblock plus you can get the addon here

When you first check the options, click on “view all subscriptions” I recommend “AdblockRules.org” and "EasyPrivacy+EasyList "

2.The fire wall doesn't show you how much bandwidth used for a day.
3. Offline updates
That'll eventually happen.

Well, i do use firefox with adblockplus, but when u use a browser like safari[for speed], there is no adblock…
I was using KIS 8 before and it had a banner blocker and shows the total bandwidth usage day wise. As kis 8 was a little slow to boot my pc up i switched to comodo & i now feel comodo is even better… though i miss those features.


;D I 2 love Comodo ;D

ps i have a small request if its possible can u plz make it so that updates and definition updates have a schedule option

thanx n keep up the good work :wink: