i love comodo but what gives

everything i use from comodo has an update but all the updates have some less than minor issues. cms 2 wont install on my phone and still waiting on a pm from comodo staff about that. cd 26.1 crashes and judging from the comments some have issues with it crashing even though clear history on exit isn’t checked. cis 6.1 doesn’t install right for some either even if they do a fresh install. one guy got 6 configurations but were doubles of the other 3. and someone had no sandbox menu under def+ settings.

i’m sure you guys do test products before you release them and i know their will always be bugs no matter how much testing is involved but i wish you guys would be transparent on how you guys test it before you release it so that we could at least suggest other methods of testing before releasing so that you don’t pass down as many huge bugs to your users. or at least rethink your testing process yourselves if you don’t want users involved and find ways to improve testing. find areas of the programs that might not have been tested. test functions under certain circumstances or with certain option enabled or disabled or on different supported OS’s. try updating to the new version through the product to make sure it doesn’t cause problems like CIS seems to do a lot sometimes even with fresh installs. what’s the point in even having a product updater if it causes problems with new versions every other time.

look i know your jobs aren’t easy but at the same time you have to improve. updates can’t just keep coming with these kind of issues all the time where it affects all users not just a select few. you will loose users. if you don’t have users then why make anything. i’m just saying you guys are going to have to find a way mitigate how often you guys have big issues with your products.

i’m not trying to be mean and i love comodo but it had to be said