i lost the "predefined security policies"

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First, sorry for my english. :-[

Since some weeks (perhaps an update of comodo) i lost the “predefined security policies” of defense+.
I would not reinstall comodo V3, so i need to create “trusted application” “windows system application” ect all by myself.

Can you tell me what “access right” and “protection settings” i need to check for every policies? (screenshot of them will be faster)

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Here are three Limited app. is more complicated.

All protection settings are no.

Edit the fourth screenshot shows how to create the symbol for all applications.
In the Allowed/Blocked Applications click Add/Browse then add symbol * then click + then click apply.

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Thank you.

Here is the limited app.

Please make sure the two Access names marked ask in modify section, you apply rules in screenshots for both Allowed and Blocked Applications.

Screenshot for protection settings all the same for predefined security policies.


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