I lost my post about BOCLEAN

Hi, I do not know what happened with my BOCLEAN post so here it goes again, once I was warned about the BOCLEAN removed as a stand alone program and that it would be included in the new CIS version I followed the recommendation about uninstalling ny old CIS version, downloaded the latest and installed it, by the way I also found some themes for CIS which I downloaded also and installed them without any problem at all.

Now my question is about BOCLEAN, once I installed the nev version with AV, Firewall etc I am not able to find an indication integrated BOCLEAN is somewhere inside, should I have some kind of icon or tab in the GUI, how could I really know if BOCLEAN is present in the application.


Thor Hedderich

BOClean is integrated within the AV portion of CIS.
It is a memory scanner, so simply checking the ‘Scan Memory on Start’ will ensure you are using BOClean.

Thnaks for your reply, so my last question would be is this an option in the CIS configurations ?

Best regards,

Thor Hedderich

I would say ‘yes’. The setting is found in Antivirus/Scanner Settings.