I know nothing about this, i need help

??? I have no clue what to do!
I need a walk through. I dont know what it means when it says "suspicious behavior , or application access denied. please explain to me what i should do. thank you! (:WAV)

You should open main window in firewall and click F1 or ‘Help’ button and read trough it, not all just find topic you most interested in in left side navigation bar.

Hi danielle, welcome to the forum! First of all as stated, it depends on the application trying to access. If you could provide screenshots or simply type what it says we could better assist you to what is alerting you. Let me state this, don’t get panicked, many safe applications will bring up this warning. When installing any firewall, you will or should get alerts when new applications try to access the internet. Many are simply programs you have installed on your system and need access to work or simply to update. Like any firewall, it can’t determine every application and simply alerts you. No need to worry, as I said, post some alerts here, determine if they are installed on your system, how often you get them, we’ll help you out.