i know im asking a lot here but anyway....

what i want ideally from comodo is to make my computer invisible to the outside, and nothing more.

i already plan to deactivate defense+ permanently.

what else should i set to minimize the activity of comodo as much as possible, while still keeping the inbound firewall strong?

i dont understand HIPS and other settings enough to know what to do with them
i actually am not going to install comodo until thurs or fri (after i get my copy of Norton Ghost and make a backup on Weds)

i hope no one takes offense at this or thinks it’s foolish :wink:

thank you

After installation, go to the firewall settings and click on the Stealth Ports Wizard. Tell it to stealth your ports to everyone and you’ll be invisible.

With D+ disabled, the only alerts you will get is when unknown applications want access to the internet.