i killed my firewall

well i tried the utorrent tutorial myself. yes, its true. i killed my firewall. within moments i no longer had a connection. i really did try - i read, re-read and tried. i tried both tutorials, i am not sure what i did. i ended up deleting the rules. but i still am affected.

i even called my ISP who oh so patiently asked me to just restart my computer. right now i have no connection if i select anything but “disabled firewall level”

i have multiple computer problems, which i have tried to put in the correct place,read here. read if you want to see how pathetic things really are, there are some intense suggestions, which after i have a sleep i will probably attempt.

at this point - ive killed my firewall and id love to know how i can fix it. im going to post these images to see if they help, if a mod thinks they are too personal - PM me and i will take them down (or if you want more info)-- i really would love to know why even through ive tried to kill bitorrent, block it and continue to block btdna.exe( there are a few opinions on this exe,) but i cant get rid of it. when i try, it comes back even when i try cmd. system, anything. it wont go. its even in the control panel and refuses to be budged. could this be connected? i doubt it - im sures thats annoying, comodo tells me it behaves like malware. id say so too.

thank you for reading, and thank you to each of you who have helped already. i really appreciate all the generous assistance. i wish i could give something back ~

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Those aren’t the utorrent rules from the link. You have a block the 2nd one down, where’d that come from?

Here are my rules. The 1st my only global rule and the 2nd from the guide. I also have uTorrent as trusted in D+

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hi! thank you for responding - i know those arent the utorrent rules from the link. those are what bitorrent did all by itself. i cant get it to leave. i have no clue where it came from. i tried to do utorrent with the rules posted, but i couldnt and i lost my internet connection. i deleted the rules manually.

even when i block those rules for bitorrent as you seem them green to red, the next time i come back they are back to green. i have un-installed already. it should not be there.

i should post all my firewall rules? i only have one global rule, the echo thing. let me know.

I’d remove the rules you have for bitorrent and do your rules over again the way mine look which were taken from your link. Start bit or utorrennt. when D+ plus pops up make it as trusted remembering the rule. When firewall pops up slect the name for the rule (mine’s utorrent) and select that. Make sure to add the DNS rule if you’re behind a router.

If you’re behind a router you need to portforward your torrent port and use a static IP. You also need to use only one port in utorrent