I keep receiving COM/OLE Automation Alerts

I keep receiving COM/OLE Automation Alerts

Comodo helps to protect your on-line security, by monitoring the behaviour of each application attempting to connect to the Internet. In so doing, it is able to detect any suspicious activity before granting it Internet access.

Many applications, on Windows based systems, communicate by sending ‘messages’. This is known as Inter-Process communication (IPC). Comodo Firewall Pro monitors these communications to ensure that malicious applications do not take advantage of the underlying communication pathways between applications.

In other words, if an attempt is made, by a malicious application, to control a legitimate application by using the COM/OLE pathways, it will be detected and an alert will be generated. The user must then decide if the communication is genuine.

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The core module responsible for COM/OLE monitoring is Application behavior Analysis (ABA), the settings for which, may be found at:

CFP\Security\Advanced\Application Behavoir Analysis