I keep losing my ip address

I have been trying to make this progam work and not having much luck. I have a desktop which is hard wired to the router and a laptop which I am attempting to set up wireless. I have set up the zones. The laptop is not connecting. CF is blocking it. The laptop keeps telling me that the IP address is not valid.
Is it the program or the router (a computer friend suggested getting new router. I am using a D-Link DI-624 that is a few years old and never have had any luck getting it to work wirelessly.)
Anyone have any suggestions?
Thanks for your help.


I’m not sure if this is related but… when I turn on the wireless on my laptop… CFP pops up an alert saying svchost.exe (application), services.exe (parent application), and nhc.exe through OLE automation tried to access the internet using svchost.exe.

Now nhc.exe stands for notebook hardware control. It’s a monitoring utility for my laptop. It’s a safe application, but I was wondering to myself why it’s trying to use svchost.exe to access the internet. So I denied it.

As soon as I denied it, the wireless icon in my systray shows full strength but would not obtain an IP address. So I’m wondering if you had something similar? Did you deny an alert (doesn’t matter which) that blocked svchost.exe from accessing the internet?

I have not denied many alerts. Is there a list somewhere of the alerts that have been denied?

Check out the Application Monitor in the Security section.
Remember svchost.exe is a process thats used to requests a DHCP address (source is UDP 67, destination is UDP 68)

Hi, I believe you answered your own question. And, I agree with your friend, sounds like a new router is needed. If you have had problems in the past, plus it seems it’s having a hard time assigning proper ips. I wouldn’t suggest Netgear as many have been having issues with them, Dlink or Linksys would be my personal choice. Linksys has been good to me an never have issues hooking anything to it.

Just a suggestion.