I just want it gone [Resolved]

I’ve been trying to get Comodo Internet Security off my laptop for about a week now, and i cannot seem to get it off at all. I have windows XP. I dont have a “Update or Remove” or anything of the sort. I dont have any kind of uninstall/remove in the Program folders for it. I dont have a Comodo Icon in my Start>Program Files. So i dont know what im supposed to do to get rid of it.

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Hello there and welcome to the forums (:WAV),

I sujest you download Revo Uninstaller, install it and run it. Then select Comodo and use the advanced scanner. Delete all traces it finds.

even better would be telling us why you want to uninstall it, perhaps we can help ?


It just seems to do nothing but slow my computer down. As soon as i start it, not only does it block every little thing i do, but it spams like 400 or so “Permission” requests for god knows what. My laptop is having severe issues right now, i think it is horrible infected with spyware or w/e and Comodo is just kinda getting in the way of anything i try to run to fix it.

Does it give any antivirus pop-ups ? If you are indeed infected you might want to take a look at Comodo Pro service. It offers professional help.

if you don’t like it, perhaps I could help you out remotely ?


I only get the allow deny things popin up, its not so much that its a bad firewall, it seems to do its job pretty well, i am just having issues with crippling internet speed, relentless popups, and not only am i having trouble getting things back to normal (none of my antivirus programs update or seem to do anything) comodo seems to be pretty restricting in a pretty frustrating situation hehe. I’m just annoyed and ready to ■■■■ this laptop up as it is lol.

Well, I could take a look at your settings if you want. If you do, please pm me.


I’m running this Revo Setup thing and nothing is happening, any idea why?

Please download Teamviewer
Then send your ID and pass to me over pm (not over the forum !)


I restarted and it looks like everything is back to normal, its not slow, i haven’t gotten a pop up, thanks for all the work you did and all the time you took to fix it for me, I really appreciate it, can’t say thank you enough.

No problem, have you told your girlfriend you did it all by yourself ?

for all the rest : I remotely helped him. He had some vundo-trojans and AVG. Avg didn’t catch them so I cleaned them up with other tools. Now he has Avira… Comodo wouldn’t work for a reason, but I didn’t find out why, so I uninstalled it (thx ronny for the FAQ btw)