I just reformatted OS drive and started over=>No more prob.


I first called AMD support. Then went to a Microsoft support forum. But I think I should have started here.

My computer, running Windows 7 Ultimate 64, has 6 user profiles, including the administrator account, which I am in charge of. There was no problems with any of them before yesterday, when I installed AMD’s HD 5770 so that I could play more recent games on the system, which I share with two family members. The other users do not game at all. Incidentally, our sharing arrangement works pretty well for various reasons.

Anyway, the card installed properly and overclocks pretty well. I love this card. There is no problem with it–except in one instance. The display driver crashes the computer only when I log into my personal standard user account, which has all my personalized data in it.

The message I receive in a bubble in the lower right hand corner as the system crashes is: “display driver stopped responding and has recovered.” Well, at least, it tries to recover. After massive artifacting appears soonafter logging in, the system freezes, the display goes black, then turns back on looking good as new, the system gives me the message, and proceeds to artifact again before freeazing in a way that requires a touch of the reset button.

What is unusual about my situation is that the card and driver works fine for the other user accounts! I can even game with graphics settings on high. The only thing I can’t do is access my own user account.

So, here’s how I tried to troubleshoot. At first, I thought the issue might be a bad install related to some conflict with my Comodo Internet Security Premium program’s sandbox feature. So I uninstalled the display driver. Used Driver Sweeper. Uninstalled Comodo. Confirmed that, with the display driver uninstalled, I can access my problematic user account without any trouble. It works fine, as long as the driver is not installed, which is unacceptable because I bought this perfectly functioning card so that I could play games on my system.

I then reinstalled the driver and can confirm that the display driver crashes my user account even without the security program, which I have since reinstalled.

It is possible to overclock this card pretty well. But the overclock is user-specific. In other words, User X can overclock, but switching to User Y will revert the card back to its original speeds. I had overclocked on my administrator account, but never had the opportunity to overclock in my own personal account. The card is now running at stock speed.

The only other thing I noticed is that, with Comodo uninstalled, the crash took a bit longer to fail. What happened is that the system was actually able to recover several times before finally needing a reboot.

So what I can tell is that the card and my system does not have a compatibility issue: it runs fine. The driver works fine for the games I play.

Furthermore, none of the user accounts have become corrupted. The other user accounts work fine with the card and driver. And with the driver uninstalled, my account works fine, too.

I’m stumped. The Windows 7 setup is the same across all users. I contacted AMD’s support, but they thought that this is a Microsoft issue as the card and driver seems not to be the problem. I think they are right.

When I read through the event viewer, it seems that basically what is happening is that a program on my system is denying my user profile from accessing the driver. For instance, I can find this message:

access to the path c:\programs\ati\ace\profiles.xml is denied

The list is long and they say different things. But they all basically mean the same thing. Either Windows or Comodo will not allow the driver to function properly when I log on into that one user account. I am starting to think that this is a Comodo issue and not a Microsoft issue.

Incidentally, if you uninstall CIS, are programs still sandboxed?

Please help. :frowning:

Well, since I’m here, i may as well ask something i’ve been wondering about.

I installed VirtualBox recently. Should I install Comodo in the virtual systems, too?

Hello All

Please Export The Defense+ Log, For Further Analysis

Just to confirm; You say the driver works fine in all accounts when CIS is unisntalled correct?


–Just to confirm; You say the driver works fine in all accounts when CIS is unisntalled correct?–

No, this is not correct. Every combination of user profile accessibility, AMD driver installed state, and CIS installed state works fine except in the 2 combinations of (1) failing to access only 1 of the 6 user profiles in the system with both CIS and driver installed and (2) failing to access only 1 of the 6 user profiles in the system with the driver installed and CIS uninstalled. In other words, even with CIS uninstalled, if the driver is installed, I am unable to access that one user profile. Only when the driver is uninstalled can I access all 6 user accounts without issue, even with CIS installed.

Either there is a corruption in Windows that is barring that user profile from accessing the driver or either Windows or CIS is actively barring it from happening.

You can check here for the Windows dump information:


As for the Defense+ event log, it does not say anything except that it had previously sandboxed a couple of ATI exe files during the initial installation of the driver but that they have since been designated as trusted. In fact, I can now install and uninstall the driver without receiving the sandboxed message. Do you still want to see the log info?

Or would it be better for me to crash the computer again to see if there is a more recent log entry. As far as I can tell, CIS does not seem to be logging anything during the crash. There’s a list of stuff related to ATI in the configuration changes tab. But I don’t know what they mean.

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  1. Have you run Driver Verifier?
  2. While in your own user account, can you use Notepad to view “c:\programs\ati\ace\profiles.xml”?

Here’s an update. I just lost another account. It seems that I lose an account when switching users without logging off. The account I lose is the one I log into. The crash occurs immediately.

Here’s my note from the Microsfot support forum:

Ok. The situation has become more serious, though not devastatingly. I just lost access to a second user profile. o.0

I am now running in Safe Mode w/ networking as the display driver does not load when I do. I agree that it is possible that Comodo may be aggravating the issue considering the way the system crashes with the program installed is much different from when it is uninstalled.

Because I am running in Safe Mode and because, in Safe Mode, Windows does not load the display drivers, I can again confirm that I am able to access all 6 user accounts when the display driver does not load. My data seem to be safe from the possibility of data corruption and the drives pass Checkdisk.

This pretty much establishes that my problem is somehow related to the driver, as SpiritX MS MVP figured. And it is further indication that the hardware itself is not the problem as I still need to use the card to use the display.

I will now spend the next hour or so updating everything and using driver verifier.

  1. I am going to flash my BIOS now. And then I’m going to update all drivers. I have not yet run Driver Verifier, but am intending to after flash. :slight_smile:

2.Yes. In safe mode, which disables the display driver, I can access any file without trouble under any profile.

Incidentally, I do not fault AMD, Microsoft, or Comodo. I happen to be happy with their products and services. And thank you for trying to help me. :slight_smile:

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I never figured out what the problem was. But I encountered some complications while updating drivers and uninstalling some programs. So I ended up just starting over. It took about a day to recreate everything. But I think I was able to save the most important data from my OS drive. I reinstalled Comodo and the AMD driver and there is no more issue. This was a very strange bug–I haven’t found, in the last few days, anyone who’s encountered anything like this. But I had to move on as I was running out of time to troubleshoot. Thank you wj32 and Jacob for trying to help me.

Take care. :slight_smile: