I just joined and already have a question.

Hi Everyone,

I just joined and already have a question.
How often does the CAVS database or signature get updated?

When I update it says I have the current version. What about the database?

Should this not be a daily or weekly update, since new virus’es are coming out daily?

Thanks for any feedback.
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Hi and welcome,

Signatures will be added to the database more frequently when there is a virus outbreak or if there is a high risk virus that needs to be added. It is quite normal to go for a couple of days without seeing an update to the database. In high risk / major outbreaks you will see updates up to three times a day.

Seen as CAVS is reporting it is up to date, then it should be. Don’t worry.

If you open CAVS and click the ‘about’ button>>then ‘version information’ the database version should be

CAVS regularly checks every hour (default settings) for new updates.