I Just installed firewall, but now I can't stream media to my Playstation 3

I just downloaded and installed the Comodo Firewall. But when I turned on my Playstation 3 It doesn’t show my media like it used to. (Normally it would show the sharable folders automatically). I run a Sony Vaio with Win 7. I have never had an issue with either until now. So On my playstation I try to search for media servers, and I got nothing. That has never happened. I have no idea what is wrong nor how to fix it. I am pretty knowledgable with computers and networks and in most cases solve issues myself. But I have nothing on this. So right now I have my laptop that has Comodo. (Its the only one) and I live at my girlfriends place. I use her wi-fi via wireless router. The playstation can get on-line no problem, but it cannot find my sharable media on the PS3. Can someone please help me?

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Can you provide some more detail please, such as the name of the media server you’re using, settings used in CIS etc.