I just installed CIS/CFW 5.4.189068.1354;

I went to where it says ‘uncheck’ and ‘unclick’ this and it wasn’t clicked.


For Those Who are having trouble connecting to a network in CIS/CFW 5.4.189068.1354; It’s a known bug; Please UnCheck ARP Protection (CIS/CFW > Firewall > Firewall Settings > Advance > Uncheck “Protect the ARP Cache” > OK) || The Dev’s are aware of such issue Please see the above link

Been there, Did that. I did an IP Flush, works great, got my IP addresses, subnet masks, gateway default checks out. then I did a Repair Local Area Connection, ARP DNS, cleared, cleaned, works great, but I can
not get online, Problem Loading Page error, Went to> Firewall > Firewall Behavior Settings > Advanced,
Protect ARP Cache unchecked, Block Gratuitous ARP Frames shaded out. Still no connection? SIGH Block Fragmented IP Datagrams is checked. I’m on a back up computer trying to get my desktop to go

I hope this narrows the issue down to anyone else’s specific issue? I hope this bug can be fixed.



Dear Dennis,

Forgive me, for I don’t understand what you are asking? What format should I use, what template
should I use to be accepted? I just wanted to resolve an issue with Comodo on my desktop computer.
I am unable to access the internet, or updates. I am confused? Please help me?


Michael D. Lucas

Please find Format here

Sorry for help please post on one of the CIS help boards this board is for posting of Issue/Bug reports only.

If you wish I can move this Topic to the relevant help board.

Thank you


Dear Dennis,

If this will help resolving the issue, then please move the post to help resolve my issue. If there is no help, how do I uninstall the program and find another vendor to take care of my firewall needs? I am really frustrated, that I installed 5.4.189068.1354, and the past few days, I have not heard of any fix, or solution, or procedure to reconnect to the internet? I hope I have not done anything to offend or cause ill will? I apologize if I did. I am really frustrated. Where should I post the issue at hand on your board?


Michael D. Lucas

I will move your post to the firewall help board.

See if you have ARP cache protection enabled. If so please disable it until an update that is scheduled for today.

Try the following suggestions by Ronny and Panic and see if they help you out:

What are the problems you are facing when trying to uninstall? When the uninstaller is not working download this clean up tool and run it in Windows Safe Mode. That will uninstall CIS for you.

After I installed this ‘new’ version, it sandboxed some utility programs that I know are safe, and then it won’t let me connect to the internet. I can use IPFLUSH, and right mouse click on the network adapter icon on the system tray, then click repair, clears the ARP Cache, DNS and refreshes the connection, but won’t let me surf the web, or get updates to my anti-virus, or other programs.

The Protect the ARP Cache is UN-checked, Block Fragmented IP datagrams IS-checked, and the
Block Gratuitous ARP Frames is shaded grey. Is there a ‘safe’ mode I can go to, to check / uncheck or
do I uninstall and reinstall the program or is there a ‘fix’ or ‘upgrade’ to this CIS program?

Thank You and Shalom,
Michael D. Lucas

Are you using the 5.4.xxx.1354 version? If so, then yes, there is a newer version.

Hi irishmantx,

You seem to have been unlucky and downloaded CIS just the day of the new release (5.4.189068.1354) which sadly had a bug and prevent any internet connection.

Then try to restore the connection by following the advice of HeffeD or making a global rule that you will drag above the others :
source address : any
destination address :
source port : 67
destination port : 68

Either this or what HeffeD told you to do should restore your connection. If nevertheless you still can’t connect or apply the manips because you’re not familiar with CIS FW, then uninstall CIS following the instructions of HeffeD and download the new release 5.4.189822.1355 on Internet Security Software for Business from Comodo | PC Security

Unless HeffeD could provide you a link with the update downloader that you could copy from your backup PC and make a manual update?