i just dont know anymore,,,,sad

well i see that another new version of comodo fire wall is out,why do we get a firewall,why to be just a firewall.

people like us simple people want a simple firewall that they can deal with , thats why i went with comodo in the first place ,i tried 3.0 when it first came out ,and i did not like it then ,even with the newest version out ,people are having a hard time,lot of us are not techy and probably will never will be .

right now i have comodo version 2.4, i like having the newest version of what ever firewall i’m using,and since this new firewall is out and still has lots of bugs out ,i’m going to look around for a simple firewall , i hate to say this , but i might go back to zone alarm free firewall. i dont like having an out of date firewall.

you should of kept the comodom firewall 2.4 version and rename it to “comodo firewall lite v2.4” , for the simple minded people out there.

One of the main reasons for the latest version is because, by popular demand, we created a 2.4 mode… At installation you can choose a firewall with Leak protection and that will be pretty much same as 2.4 without defense+ etc.

so its just what you want! :slight_smile:


If you want a simple firewall then use Windows firewall or Zone Alarm. Comodo is one of the best FREE firewall around. Just take the time and read the help files to lerarn about each setting. The latest version is very simple even with D+. Just use train with safe mode for both. (CLY) Zone Alarm free is very poor in testing.


ok, i wont give up yet,i will keep an eye on this newest version,its just that i’m alittle slow,but not stupid and cant aford to take my pc in if it crashes,

its just that i see every one saying they had to un-install it ,

if i do try it ,i will do a fresh install.
un-install old one
and then install new.

yes thats the best… just install the old one then go and install the newest from our website. and if you ever need help, we are here!


Make a restore point before you do anything.

good point Vettetech… thanks…
its always better to be safe!


thank u for all the info, i will keep my eye out,lots of good advice :■■■■ (:LOV) (:CLP)